I have spent the past decade in higher education, but I am a firm believer in public scholarship and the value of the humanities and a PhD beyond university walls.

One way I do this is through volunteer and collective translation work, from asylum cases to a translation of a seminal Mexican text on the Zapatista social movement.

Recently, it has been an honor to collaborate with the phenomenal radio program De aquí para allá y de allá para acá, a project to promote US based hispanic literature to Mexican audiences. I read for their adaptation of “Garage Sale” by Juan Armando Epple and will again be lending my support to their Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.

I enjoy sharing the critical social, political, and economic insights contained in pop culture and other cultural production with the broader public and in open access spaces, like my review of Season 1 of HBO’s Big Little Lies in Nursing Clio.

Please contact me for more information about my CV or Resume, or for more information on my publications, research, and teaching at prafoth@gmail.com or paigeandersson@depauw.edu.